Trek, eat , and enjoy

Chudi Planea, author of the Irietreks blog, shares a post titled “Trek, eat, and enjoy.” No matter where we come from, it’s no trick to understand the reasons why we travel, aspire to achieve, and content ourselves with our discoveries…that is, until we discover that next peak waiting to be summited.

Says Chudi, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

Kalaag nimo!

After the climb that we had in Mt Sembrano last February, I kept on thinking of which Mountains to climb next here in Philippines.

Mt Sembrano

So i came up with 2 mountains which is i’m pretty sure that it’s not gonna be an easy one.

First one is Mt Banahaw which is 7,119 ft above sea level located in Region 4a which is CALABARZON.


Second is Mt. Pulag where you’ll witness sea of clouds.  It is the third highest Mountain here in our country. It is about 2,922 meters above sea level.


But before i trek those two mountains, let me climb this one first.=)

This saturday March 9 2013 , our group will explore Mt Pico Deloro located in Ternate Cavite.  This will be an exciting one for sure, coz we will climb that same peek on the picture and hope for the best that no one falls. hahaha

I’ll keep you posted guys…

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So long, old friends

Together, they took me through lush forests and vast deserts. They transported me to glorious High Sierra mountaintops. They carried me through the wild remoteness of the Paria Canyon Wilderness and they guided me up, over, and beyond the boulder jungles of Rockbound Pass in the Desolation Wilderness way back in 2000. They were the most comfortable, rugged, and durable of friends. And I’m going to miss them.

So long, old friends. For all your hard work, you get a wine send-off.

So long, old friends. For all your hard work, you get a wine send-off.

For, with cracked hides, tongues lolling, and soles departing, it is time to bid them fond farewell.

But Life goes on, and I’m now summiting mountains and traipsing forest trails in my 3rd pair of Vasques.  Not bad for twenty-plus years of tramping trail.  Thank goodness there’s still such a thing as a good pair of 2000-mile boots.