Today’s excellent links

  • French schools should teach young people how to appreciate wine, a group of parliamentarians said in a report on Thursday, calling for an education campaign to help the ailing sector.
  • Scientists in the U.K. have identified “oligomeric procyanidins” as the likely ingredient in red wine’s polyphenols that contributes to heart health and longevity. And some red wines contain more procyanidins than others.
  • The turbidity of red wine during its aging in oak casks has an influence on the accumulation of volatile compounds and, thereby, on the wine’s aroma.
  • One of the distinctly unhealthy economic trends over the last half-century has been the emergence of a throwaway economy. “More goods produced and discarded means more jobs” has always been the reasoning. That’s got to change.
  • From George Stark, columnist at the St. Helena Star: a list of the Top 100 most influential men and women in Napa Valley’s wine industry.
  • Authorities said Thursday they’ve found two newlywed San Jose hikers who’ve been missing since the weekend.

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