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What’s the happiest you’ve ever been?

Studies show that happy people catch fewer colds, that happiness can buy success, and that optimists live longer.

I’m happy to believe these things. In fact, my first 2006 post to this blog, back on January 1st, sums it up in a little poetry.

Imagine being unbearably happy!

Imagine being unbearably happy!

Fellow hiker Tom Mangan over at Two-Heel Drive yesterday asked, “What’s the worst jam you’ve ever been in?” The story he refers to, about two experienced hikers who still managed to get wildly lost, is, fortunately, one that ends well.

Tom prods me a little in that post. But then, he’s one of the lucky few who’s already heard my bear story. Around a campfire, no less!

I didn’t quite take the time yesterday to recount my 1976 episode with that pesky black bear in Yosemite. Someday I’ll transfer that cautionary noveletta from a campfire tale to the written word. Today, however, I thought I would follow Tom’s formula but switch gears a little to inquire, dear reader, about your happiest moment.

Yes, we’re getting back to the point of this post: a call for your response to the question, “what’s the happiest you’ve ever been?”

Don’t think too hard about this one. After all, you’ve been happy at least once in your life, right? So go ahead and share your happiest moment here by adding a comment, dear reader – kinda let’s me know you’re actually reading this stuff. Not that I need validation or anything remotely resembling it. (But it might make me happy.)

Hey, maybe your words will make another reader happy, too.