Legendary Football Coach Mike Ditka to Release New Wine: “Kick A$$ Red”

So here’s the deal: Da Coach of Da Super Bowl Bears, Mike Ditka, is releasing a new wine called “Kick Ass Red.” It’s a premium blend of Zinfandel and Syrah from the Parducci Winery in Mendocino, California and it will retail for about $49.

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When the objective is not the goal

It’s not often that I’ll catch a Sunday football game, since I’m usually out sauntering along a trail somewhere. It doesn’t really matter that I’m missing this ritualized violence anyway, since I’m working in an environment in which there’s quite an assortment of 49er and Raiders fans who all dish out the Monday morning chatter at each other to a degree ever-so-slightly below gonzo fanaticism. All I have to do to find out who won over whom or which player is wearing too much bling is just keep my ears open.

Or tune ’em out.

So this morning I learned that two people got arrested at last week’s Raiders/Niners game for having sex in the stands.

Let’s see: the Raiders still haven’t won a game this season. Instead, they’ve lost five straight games. At this rate, I’m surprised more bored football fans aren’t getting it on in the seats.

In a comment on the incident, one of my Raider-fan colleagues remarked, “Well, at least somebody scored.”