Historic Silcox Hut on Oregon’s Mt. Hood

The mountain is breathtaking, but so is the photography. “About the Climb” is a blog devoted to fighting breast cancer in support of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

An excerpt from the blog’s About page:

“The Climb to Fight Breast Cancer® allows you to touch the top of states, countries and continents while raising vital funds and awareness toward finding a cure.”


Climb to Fight Cancer's Blog


Looking up at majestic Mt. Hood, from historic Silcox Hut, is a different point of view.

I never tire of shooting photos on the mountain. I do try, however, to change up where and how I capture images to add interest and variety. Utilizing elements in the foreground, and shooting from a variety of perspectives, is a good way to add dimension and give new life to subjects you shoot often. I hope to always be changing up the view on my home mountain.

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