Got wine? Got gear? Got books? Help my readers discover them.

The Winehiker accepts wine samples, hiking/outdoor gear, and relevant books for independent review. If you’re a winemaker, wine marketer, outdoor gear manufacturer or author of a wine-, outdoor-, or travel-related book and you’d like to get the word out about one or more of your products, I’m the Winehiker, and I can help.

I’m a long-time user of social media, and currently reach in excess of 8,000 fans, friends and followers across the major social platforms (see those platforms’ icons over there on the right side of this page). My blog, Winehiker Witiculture, currently attracts over 900 views per month, a number that I expect to ratchet up as Summer 2013 approaches. Many of my visitors are subscribers, while others find my reviews via the Internet by searching for a specific label or type of product. (Plus I diligently work my SEO for this blog to ensure that they do.)

By submitting your wine, gear, or book for review on Winehiker Witiculture, you will ensure that hundreds, if not thousands, of active, wine-inspired consumers will be reading about it over the long term.

How to submit your product samples

  • Include as much supporting information as possible to help me write an effective review. My readers, and by extension your potential clients, will find the following info essential toward making a purchase decision:
    • Wine or gear: a history of the manufacturer, mission of the company, years in business, “green” programs, where my readers can buy the wine or gear online, anecdotes about the product, quotes or stories from the winemaker
    • Books: bio of the author and why the author wrote it, and anything from the previous bullet you find appropriate
  • Include your name, email address, and the suggested retail price of each item that you’re sending.

Please be aware that:

  • There is no guarantee that I will review your product
  • There is no guarantee that my review will be positive if I do review your product – but it will be honest
  • I will make full disclosure that your product is a trade sample if I write about it on my blog

Where to send your samples*

Winehiker Reviews
c/o Russ Beebe
1590 Buckeye Drive
Milpitas, CA  95035

Thank you! If you’ll include your email address when you send your sample(s), I’ll alert you via email when I’ve posted my review.

Russ Beebe

*Feel free to download the UPS Rates and Services Guide.


Feel free to comment!

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