“Little Snow Girl” by John Gary

Crooner John Gary's classic Christmas album was a staple in the Beebe family household. In fact it still is.

When the snow flies and Winter is just around the corner, Christmas preparations and outdoor fun wouldn’t be nearly complete without hearing crooner John Gary’s rendition of Little Snow Girl at least once.*

I admit to being a little sentimental about this song. It was always one of those Christmastime staples for my family and me, ever since we first heard the vinyl being played on our monstrous 84″ Curtis Mathis stereo TV’s turntable back in 1964.

So give it a listen, snowgirls and snowboys, and see if you aren’t transported to the happy child you used to be – or even to the joyful snow-loving human you are today.

[Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Winehiker’s Posterous, where it was easily accessed for listening or download. Unfortunately wordpress.com does not support the uploading of .mp3 files. I’ll try to find a workaround soon.]

Happy Holidays!


*Who was John Gary? Answer here.


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