The 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau wine reviews are pouring in

Editor’s Note, November 15th, 2007: If you’re searching for a review of Beaujolais Nouveau wines from the 2007 vintage and wound up here, I must admit that I haven’t yet reviewed the new vintage. But what I’d like to know is, should I?

Funny how the 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau reviews thus far from other bloggers seem to mention the BN from Georges du Boeuf and not much else.

From Benito’s Wine Reviews:

I’ve been to Nouveau tastings before, but I generally just stick with the old standby: 2006 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau. Once again we get the classic whiff of bananas on the nose with a little cherry behind it. Last year’s edition was pretty tart, but this year shows a much smoother profile, with characteristic light tannins and a short finish.

Here’s a review from PhilaFoodie that includes one BN that I didn’t cover last week, a Leonard de Saint-Aubin Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau.

This year’s Saint-Aubin, though, is less impressive. Compared to the Duboeuf, the color is lighter and the palate is thinner, grittier and more tart. Cherry remains the principal flavor, but it’s not as explosive as it was last year. More importantly, unlike last year the fruitiness of this year’s vintage is somewhat masked by its forward acidity.

That being said, I still lean toward the Saint-Aubin. The Duboeuf is probably more approachable due, in part, to its balance and smooth finish. But the Saint-Aubin’s rough edges have a certain appeal.

And from Wine Weekly:

Is this a wine to contemplate? No – and, yes. It’s too simple to pore over, but simple enough to pour over. At the same time, it’s worth analyzing for a few minutes, if only as conjecture for the 2006 Beaujolais vintage. If we are to taste it as a preview to the “real” Beaujolais wines, then this Nouveau tells us that 2006 Beaujolais wines might have more tannin than in a typical year, and be slightly fatter and rounder than we’re used to. The ripe, bright fruit certainly suggests that 2006 will be a fine year, perhaps excellent year, for Cru Beaujolais. If the extra tannins do in fact come out in the spring 2007 releases, then 2006 may cellar longer than most vintages (not an outlandish thought: there are some Cru from the miraculous 2003 vintage that still need time).

Thoughtful stuff.

The Wine Weekly blogger, Vino Joe, then sharpens his pencil. He raises interesting questions, but adds provocative commentary:

Personally, I don’t love the taste of Beaujolais Nouveau, but have come to appreciate the icon that it has become. Think about it: is there any other universally accepted date in the wine industry than the third Thursday of November? Is there any other wine in the world that brings together so many different people, in events and ceremonies and do-good causes? Yes, Nouveau is an over-hyped public relations event for an under-performing wine – but the only folks complaining are either 1) jealous insiders who can’t think of anything to top it; and 2) pretentious wine geeks who can’t appear powerful and intelligent speaking about such a simple wine.

What, me, a pretentious wine geek? Should I take that as a compliment, hmm?? Methinks Vino Joe readeth not my BN tasting notes.

And finally, in a fit of egalitarianism, I am compelled to reference a place for you, dear reader, to add your own review of the well-known BN, the Georges du Boeuf, on cork’ Better yet, add your own tasting notes for any of the Beaujolais Nouveaux you’ve tasted this week. In fact, reviews are still wanting for other 2006 offerings from Joseph Drouhin, Dominique Piron, and Laboure-Roi, plus you can add other labels that you’ve tried but aren’t currently listed.




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