Winehiker’s Top 100

Just for ducks, I felt like compiling a list of countries from which I receive attention from readers. Whether they click over to Winehiker Witiculture from a wine or hiking blog, from social networks such as,, or mybloglog, a news aggregator/reader such as Bloglines, or whether my readers are finding me via Google search, it’s interesting to note just where the hits just keep on coming from.

The chart below is arranged by percentage, or “country share,” e.g., most hits per country to least. It changes nominally each day based on new user activity.

Country Share

Someday I hope to break this chart down into those users who love wine vs. those users who love hiking. But that might set me back a few simoleans, since I’ll need all sorts of whizbang gimcrackery (i.e., metrics software) to dissect that kind of data.

Heck, maybe I don’t have to go to all that trouble! I’ll instead make an educated guess. And then I’ll just assume that all my readers simply love winehiking.




3 thoughts on “Winehiker’s Top 100

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