Beau’s reasons why once a year is enough for Beau-jolais Nouveau

As a follow-on to my previous post, Beau Jarvis over at Basic Juice offers a fairly detailed perspective about the other wines and Crus of the Beaujolais region – a “Wine 101: Beau Knows Beau-jo-lais”, if you will.

As a lead-in to a discussion of the better wines of Beaujolais, Beau writes:

This past summer I came face to face with Francois Mauss, the French wine critic who referred to Beaujolais as ‘not proper wine’, and ‘vin de merde‘. In fact, upon meeting Mssr. Mauss, his guide/translator excitedly told me that, “this is the guy that called Beaujolais shi**y wine.” Were this bloviating critic referring only to Nouveau, I would be hard pressed to argue with his summation (let’s face it, B.Nouveau is, in the pantheon of wine, fairly unremarkable). However, to drag the oft decent Beaujolais Villages and frequently fabulous Beaujolais Crus into the merde is, in my opinion, wrong.

For more of Beau’s fun and informative read, I invite you to click over to Beau Jo Crus.




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