It’s Wine Blog Election Day! Make your vote count.

Many event planners in the wine industry favor Eric V. Orange’s Local Wine Events website to announce and list their wine-related events.

And well they should. After all, with 83,274 wine tasting and food listings since July 2000 (and counting), Eric’s site has been the go-to place for people who wish to find good wine- and food-related events around the nation. With articles, events, a classified section, and hundreds of events listed by locale, it’s easy to find a wine country dinner, a tasting, a barrel sampling, and more near where you are.

You don't have to wait until a Tuesday in November. On LocalWineEvents, you can vote for your favorite wine blog every day!I’ve even posted winehiking events here, too, and I plan to post a whole lot more in the coming year.

Now, Mr. Orange (who calls himself “EVO”) has introduced a list of wine blogs on his site. What’s more, he’s allowed his readership to vote on their favorite blog (or blogger), which readers can do once every day if they’ve a mind to.

I hope you’ve a mind to! As I write this post, Winehiker Witiculture is listed as Number 19 on a list of 24 blogs. If you enjoy reading Winehiker Witiculture as much as I enjoy writing it, here’s a way in which you can show your appreciation and help me gain some welcome visibility.

You can vote anonymously. You’ll also send a message to readers of Local Wine Events that winehiking events are worth taking note of.

I sure appreciate your support, and I thank you a thousand barriques in advance!



3 thoughts on “It’s Wine Blog Election Day! Make your vote count.

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