An online relief map suitable for framing

If you’re looking to fill a large empty wall space in your exclusive upscale digs, then I may have discovered a solution for you – especially if you want to know all of the highs and lows about where you’re going.

A downloadable online relief map suitable for framing.The industrious Tom Patterson of the U.S. National Park Service has developed a new Physical Map of the Coterminous United States. It’s available for download for use in web applications, printing page-sized maps, and yes, even as a wall-sized version that prints a 50 inch x 35 inch map at 250 DPI. The largest filesize is 23.2MB.

There are also plenty of options to these maps. You can include state boundaries, placename labels, titles, legends, and scale, or not include any of these. Plus, there are downloadable extras that allow for additional editing. You can even find out more about shaded relief maps and cartography in general.

Best of all, each version of these shaded relief maps is available to the public domain. In other words, they’re absolutely free!

Of course, if you truly want to cover that corny old wall mural of orange daisies that was painted by the person who owned your house back in the late 60′s, you’ll want to find a professional photo-quality printing service* that can process your shiny new wall map file.


*The winehiker does not necessarily endorse this vendor.


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