Wine and hiking blog now fully searchable

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, October 25, 2006 – Russ Beebe, author of the Winehiker Witiculture wine and hiking blog and owner of, today announced that his blog is fully searchable for all current and archived content.

“With Google’s Co-op Custom Search Engine, I can now offer my readers a powerful way to find articles they once read days, weeks, or months ago without having to remember which category I placed my post in, and without having to tediously scroll through numerous pages,” remarked Russ. “It’s a valuable tool for me as well. As a regular blogger, I tend to occasionally refer to prior posts via hyperlink to engage the reader in historical perspective.”

In the announcement of its Custom Search Engine program the day before, Google states that users of the beta program can add a custom search feature to their websites “in two easy steps”. And while Russ is no web developer, he was able to add a custom search feature to his blog within minutes.

Russ soon plans to use Google’s AdSense for Search program to capitalize on the traffic to his blog.

Read more about Google’s Co-op Custom Search Engine.

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