I want a bionic spine

I’ve been taking a forced break from blogging over these past few days due to a recurring neck injury. It’s been difficult to hold my head up (without support and Advil) for more than about 2 hours without more pain and fatigue.

So, I’ve been doing the right thing by babying it while I wait for the chiropractor to fit me in to today’s schedule. You know – things like lying down a lot, applying ice, limited yoga.

And no blogging.

When I can sit down again to stress-free writing, I’ll follow up with some photos and a tall tarantula tale from Sunday’s Henry Coe hike.



2 thoughts on “I want a bionic spine

  1. Much obliged, Rick — I’m already feeling better. Could it be the wine? Yup. Now I’m ready for a hike! In fact, I’ll be hiking the Santa Cruz Mountain ridgetops with Tom Mangan tomorrow morning.

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