A global photography community worth a snapshot…

…if not a thousand words.

Dragonfly and grapes.

Dragonfly and grapes.

I discovered a resource for photographers in which they can each submit and journalize their own photography, critique others’ work, discuss photography issues in a forum, and organize it all in themes and categories.  It’s called trekearth.com, and its database of photographs is often exquisitely beautiful and captivating, as you can see by the fine capture of this wine-country dragonfly.

Created by Alan Silverman in October 2002, TrekEarth’s scope is to:

Learn more about the world through photography. TrekEarth fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. Since TrekEarth is globally oriented, it is completely multilingual-capable, allowing for the widest audience possible. Ultimately, TrekEarth depends on the civility, honesty and participation of its members.

I like the easy photo-browsing capability and the resolution of the many shots submitted from numerous far-flung locales around the world. If you enjoy photography, here’s a place where you can learn more about composition, light, contrast, lenses, and all of the other essentials that a photographer’s forum should offer. Enjoy!



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