Page strength of

I regularly read an ezine from Larry Chase, who operates a site called Web Digest For Marketers. In his current issue, Mr. Chase lists a number of Search Engine Optimization tools, one of which is a web page analysis tool from

According to Larry, this tool:

“…was designed to give marketers a quick, one-stop, bird’s eye view of just how “strong” a given page on your website really is. The analysis is based upon a number of interesting factors, including the number of human-created mentions your website has ( tags, Alexa Rank, mentions at Wikipedia, etc.), how old your website is, the quality of your site’s inbound links and a variety of search engine-based results (the number of pages indexed, internal link percent, PageRank, etc.).”

I thought I’d punch up and see the results of the tool’s analysis of my website’s home page.

In effect, the result was: The current page strength of from

The’s results page goes on to state:

“Although not a considerable presence, your site/page is making inroads online. Visitor traffic and search engine visibility is within your grasp.”

I think that’s pretty good, considering my site is only 8 months old. But I’m going to keep working it. As I continue to gain more subscribers to this blog and links from other related sites, I’ll revisit this analysis and report the findings.

If you have a website, you might also want to check out how much pull you’ve got out there on the Great Bucksaw that is the Internet.



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