Trailside crew brew

Enterprising though they may be, Starbucks has yet to figure out a way to bring their franchise to the trail.

May they never do so!

But heck, we coffee-guzzling wilderness lovers need not fret: now we can enjoy Java Juice which, according to their website, is “a pure coffee extract that turns into a bonafide cup of 100 percent organic, and certified Kosher, Arabica coffee when mixed with either hot or cold water.”

Java Juice: your main squeeze when in camp.

Java Juice: your main squeeze when in camp.

Kurt Rapansek of the National Parks Traveler explains:

…for those who need a punch of caffeine in the morning, one that actually tastes like a rich cup of coffee, Java Juice meets the need. It comes packaged in these little squeeze bags, similar, but larger, than the ketchup packets you get at fast-food joints. Each half-ounce packet contains enough coffee extract for a cup of coffee between 12 and 16 ounces, depending on how strong you like it.

I’m thinking I need to be rethinking my inefficient, very messy, and not-nearly-so-volumetric French press routine! But now all I need is a JetBoil system – one that doesn’t have throw-away gas canisters.

This post courtesy of, which bills itself as The Best Show-And-Tell Ever.



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