Cheers for under fifteen clams

I discovered the following article online tonight and, just for ducks, thought I’d share it with my bloggership. From my own research, I’ll have to agree with the author’s opinion that “more good-quality, low-cost wine is available to consumers now than at any point in history.” The notion that he’ll consider food/wine pairings sure catches my attention.

Perhaps Mr. Shriver will next scope out wineries within proximity of hiking trails! I hope you’ll enjoy reading his brief article.

USA TODAY With summer on the horizon and wine lovers beginning their search for bargain bottles that can be enjoyed for a season’s worth of casual entertaining, now seems like a good time to announce a new feature at USA Today.

On Friday, we will launch a wine blog on called Cheers. Every day, I’ll post a recommendation of a bottle that costs $15 or less in stores and that is available in most major markets. Working with wines I encounter in trade tastings, wine-judging competitions, restaurants and bottles I buy on my own, plus samples sent by wineries, I’ll sort and select the ones that stand out from the crowd.

The idea is to test the oft-repeated assertion that more good-quality, low-cost wine is available to consumers now than at any point in history. I think this is true, given advances in technology and the entrance of many more wine-producing nations on the world stage, but I really won’t know for certain until I take an in-depth look. I’ll describe what the wine tastes like, and sometimes I’ll suggest an accompanying dish. As always, I’ll be looking for character: A Cabernet should taste like a Cabernet, even at $9.



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