They say we’re going to drink more wine

If you’re reading this post, you could possibly count yourself among the avant garde of the American wine-consuming public. So, you may already know that wine now surpasses beer as the alcoholic drink that American adults consume most often.

That’s what they’re saying! And “they” are the International Wine and Spirit Record (ISWR), who bill themselves as “the wine market’s most authoritative source of intelligence.” Over the next ten years, says ISWR, world wine sales will continue to rise by as much as 62.5 percent.

That’s quite a contrast to the early ’90’s, when nearly half the American drinking public preferred beer, and only about one quarter of such consumers preferred wine. The IWSR predicts that before the end of this decade, America will become the largest wine consuming country in the world, edging out France and Italy.

Could this trend be due to increased awareness of the health benefits from moderate wine consumption, or perhaps to an increase in the popularity of culinary courses and wine travel? Quite possibly both are true. It is said that wine tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. Of course, many wine regions around the globe can boast of being the most beautiful places to visit.

This trend in wine consumption and wine tourism should be good for the California wine and tour industry. Wine lovers who visit California, after all, will want guidance about the source of their favorite wines, as well as a little education about wine during their visit.

Toss a little outdoor fun into the mix, and you’ve got the makings of a memorable wine experience.



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