Cap it off with a Cabernet

Just had a nice exchange this morning with Tom Mangan, a San Jose Mercury News journalist and avid hiker who has spent a fair amount of time hiking in and blogging about his experiences in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Funny that we haven’t already met out there on the trail somehow.

Says Tom, in his blog, Two-Heel Drive:

Here’s an interesting combination: hiking and wine tasting. A guy named Russ who lives in Sunnyvale got laid off from his tech-writing job last spring so he decided to go the entrepreneur/tour operator route.

His prices range from $65 for a spartan day hike at a park near San Jose to upwards of five grand for a plush five days in the Wine Country. Some hikes are easy hills overlooking Silicon Valley; others are over 9,000 feet in the Sierra. His blog is more about wine than hiking – you need that to show people you know what it means to prefer a wine with a “long finish,” for example.

Hmm, if only I had some expertise I could combine with hiking, like, come back to my house after we’re done and I’ll show you how to burn an afternoon surfing the web and updating my blog. People would pay for that, right?



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