The Demand For Adventure Travel, and How You Can Benefit

The tourism and travel industry is taking note of a trend toward a type of travel experience that augments people’s lives in meaningful ways. While people are always going to enjoy vacations at the beach, there is a recent momentum toward seeking deeper, more profound experiences such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking. At the heart of the trend, it’s anything that gets you outdoors, even if it’s birdwatching or canoeing on a local lake.Many people are working overtime and putting in long hours, and therefore the prospect of getting away for a quick vacation can often be easier than going abroad for an extended stay. As a result, many travelers are opting for day trips or week-long trips closer to home. But when they do, travelers want balance in their lives, and they want their vacations to be valuable experiences.

Hikers enjoying the cool spray of Alamere Falls.

Hikers enjoying the cool spray of Alamere Falls.

If an adventure tour stimulates their personal growth, such as a week-long series of day hikes into a wild area or an appreciation of a spectacular natural environment, travelers are booking such tours, and are mostly booking them online on a myriad of tour and travel websites.Adventure experiences are the new travel trend, because they are enriching in ways that destination resorts are not. While resorts are fabulous places to relax, it’s often more uplifting, even educational, to visit places in which you are a participant, and not just lounging about.

Russ Beebe is an experienced wine taster and trail guide who leads naturalist tours at


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