Feedback from Sunday’s post

Since I posted “Record Northern California 2005 Grape Harvest” last Sunday evening, I’ve received some great feedback and commentary. People from all over, whether they know and enjoy wine or don’t consume wine whatsoever, have written this week to share their thoughts. I thought I’d share them with you.

“Russ, interesting article. Although we are not a wine consuming family, other members of the extended family are. I knew the weather is one of the factors (or many) in winemaking and prices. I never realized how many tons of grapes went into making the wine for people to enjoy. I used to drink Manischewitz wine when I married my ex; [it] was extremely sweet. Thanks for enlightening me.”
– Sheryl R., Norwich, CT

“I’ll be keeping my eyes out for ‘05 from Napa and Sonoma!”
– David C., Boston, MA

“Russ – am printing this off for my husband. We have friends that live in Tracy….I think I know where we will be going to recover from our daughter’s wedding!”
– Gisela S., Phoenix, AZ

“We watched Sideways the other night and loved it. We’ve always enjoyed wine but didn’t know much about it. I plan to read this in greater depth while on the road in New York.”
– B. Bissell, Schroeder, MN

“Now that I’m actually interested in wine, I regret not being in California anymore.”
– Michelle Y., Minneapolis, MN

“This is awesome news for a budding wine enthusiast on a budget!”
– Marjy L.

“I will still continue to drink French wine, but I may change!!!”
– Francois Arlabosse, Louveciennes, Paris, France

“A dream trip of mine is to visit Napa Valley and be able to experience first hand what winemaking is all about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I had a wonderful Merlot last evening that was organically grown in Napa Valley. Wonderful….”
– Colleen N., Clinton, IA

“Great news! When will we start seeing the better prices?”
– Diana R., Minneapolis, MN

“Hey, where do you stand on Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck? Worse than Boone’s Farm?”
– Carol V., Wellston, MI



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