There’s a future in Wine Hiking

The quintessential California Wine Hikes moment.

The quintessential California Wine Hikes moment.


I’ve recently invited a number of the people in my life, both present and past, to take note of my new endeavor, and to subscribe to the forthcoming premier issue of my newsletter, Wine Hiking. I am not only delighted with the responses I’ve been receiving, but also tickled to read so many of your encouraging words. It’s been especially nice to hear from folks I haven’t seen or talked to since high school! I sure hope we find a way to enjoy some time again together. You know, I believe I’ve got a way to do that with California Wine Hikes.

If Winehiker Witiculture is a chronicle of things experienced, Wine Hiking is a promise of what’s to come. Those of you who read this blog are welcome to taste what’s fermenting in the wine-hiking barrel by signing up for our premier issue. If you like what you read here, chances are you’ll enjoy reading Wine Hiking. Simply go to the California Wine Hikes website, enter your first name and email address, and zip-zip-zip, you’ll be all queued up and ready. Wine Hiking should arrive in your inbox by February 1st.



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