The man deserves a good word

In my first post, you may have read about Kevin McNeese, the web developer who built my website. Now that it is live, I thought I’d share what Kevin has to say about our site on his portfolio page.

We are pleased to announce that our new site for is now live. The company, based in Sunnyvale, CA, offers guided hikes, wine tastings, fine dining and accommodations in the California wine country with a series of rotating scheduled events. The new website, our 73rd design and our most complex database we’ve built to date, allows the company to completely control the content of the site as well as add and feature tours. The site will continue to grow in development in 2006. Database solutions provided by QualityClix.

Here’s what I had to say about Kevin:

“I chose to work with KMWeb Designs because I was immediately impressed with the design and functionality represented in the company’s portfolio as well as the spectrum of services it offered. Principal designer Kevin McNeese’s cogent up-front questions and very reasonable fees were also compelling. I wanted to build a site that would set new standards for usability and e-commerce in the active travel market, and therefore outshine my competitors. Having been involved in corporate website usability issues, I was just dangerous enough to present a challenge for Kevin, but he was ready for me. His tenacity, quick grasp of the big picture, fine understanding of the details, ability to create a strong presentation, keen willingness to learn, and calm “bedside manner” have combined to deliver a unique and engaging new website to the world. KMWeb Designs’ work represents my path to a rewarding future. It’s a real pleasure knowing that. Bravo!”



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